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Motion Whale Studio

Motion Whale Studio relies solely on high-end hardware and software, as it’s a place where everything comes together, and this part of the process is just as important as any other part.

Motion Whale Studio works with creative and marketing agencies, video production companies, 3D artists, motion graphic designers, and also audio post-production to create masters and unique videos that attract many clients all around Malaysia.


"This is what we can do, and we can do it right!"

What is post-production?

Our company aims to make your project eye-catching and outstanding. So, what is post-production? The answer is, “This is what we can do, and we can do it right!” A deliberate approach to each project and the profound attention of the client’s conditions and terms enhance a given task’s creative performance.


At Motion Whale Studio, we want to foster creativity not only for ourselves but also for our clients. Good ideas often involve scenarios where it’s impractical or impossible to capture in real-life action video. This is where animation is excellent!

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics brings lively visuals to your business, products and services. It makes the texts, graphics, live action footage more vivid and prominent by adding motion and transition to your video.

Visual Effects​

Video post-production would be boring without visual effects. Give people bright and unexpected colors, and they will see your material over and over again.

“Ken Ooi has been working with VHQ on various Facebook MobileWorks’ events. He has demonstrated multiple skillsets that transcend creativity and communication. While crunching out tight timelines, he is still able to engage the clients, taking the entire creative process to fruition.”
VHQ Malaysia Testimonial Photo

Billy Fong

Director of Operations
VHQ Media
“Thank you so much for the effort and passion that your team have contributed to my videos. Keep it up guys!”
Avanguardia Testimonial Photo

Kha Wai

Marketing Director
“It is a pleasure to work with Ken. He is talented in motion graphics and is good with deadlines. He always gives the best results. I would recommend Ken to any company” Dot and Line Studio
Dot and Line Studio Testimonial Photo

Hong Tatt

“Motion Whale Studio is a fast, professional and creative motion graphics, animation and video specialist who is a pleasure to work with and always provides great services.”  
George Ooi Photography Testimonial Photo

George Ooi

Chief Photographer
GeorgeOoi Photography
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