Taman Mentari Raub 3D Walkthrough Cover Photo

Taman Mentari Raub 3D Walkthrough

Taman Mentari Raub 3D Walkthrough A 3D architectural walkthrough video to promote the double-storey link house project, Taman Mentari Raub in Pahang, Malaysia. The project is incorporation with 3D Animation Studio, DeeteeCG. Agency: DeeteeCG Client: Wisdom Infinity

Riway Purtier Sixth Edition Product Video Cover Photo

Riway Purtier Sixth Edition

Riway Purtier Sixth Edition A product video with motion graphics and 3D animation introduces Purtier Placenta sixth edition, the latest well-crafted product of RIWAY international group. The video explains performance-proven ingredients in the product that are required for good health. It also explains the advanced technology used that provide the highest effective absorption by the …

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Nefful Singapore Award Theme Video Cover Photo

Nefful Singapore Award

Nefful Singapore Award Theme Video A series of motion graphics awards videos for Nefful International. The company develops high-end undergarments featuring remarkable body-shaping results. Agency: Avanguardia Client: Nefful

Daikin Smarto 3D Animation Cover Photo

Daikin Smarto 3D Animation

Daikin Smarto 3D Animation This Daikin animation video showcases one of their latest inverter air-conditioning series, the New 420 Series. The video also showcases the series’ features such as Eco+ (optimum energy consumption), 3D (efficient method for faster cooling reach) and Powerful (reaching the desired temperature faster in larger space). Client: Daikin

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