Zantat Corporate Video Cover Photo

Zantat Corporate Video

Zantat Corporate Video A corporate video with motion graphics introduces one of the leading producers of Calcium Carbonate company in Malaysia, Zantat.The video showcases the company’s core values of the services and the professional production line. Agency: Brandlab Visual Communication Client: Zantat Production House: Luminous Entertainment

VSMS Marketing Video Cover Photo

VSMS Marketing Video

VSMS Marketing Video In this brand and campaign video production, VSMS shows that they are a vehemently strong management squad. The video presents VSMS’s works, from exhibitions to events, along with design and advertising services, making everything eventful and memorable. Client: VSMS

Tropicana Corporate Video 2019 Cover Photo

Tropicana Corporate Video 2019

Tropicana Corporate Video 2019 A corporate video for the Malaysia pioneer residential resort-style living home developer, Tropicana Corporation Berhad. The video showcases the USPs and achievements of the developer as well as their signature residential and commercial projects through impressive aerial views and motion graphics. Client: Tropicana Corporation Berhad Production House: Film Edge Production

Treeletrik TVC Cover Photo

Treeletrik TVC

Treeletrik TVC This brand and product video with motion graphics describe the advancement of technology and machinery that brings into creation Treeletrik, a magnificent range of environmentally friendly chargeable electric-powered bikes that are green and efficient. Client: Treeletrik

Taman Mentari Raub 3D Walkthrough Cover Photo

Taman Mentari Raub 3D Walkthrough

Taman Mentari Raub 3D Walkthrough A 3D architectural walkthrough video to promote the double-storey link house project, Taman Mentari Raub in Pahang, Malaysia. The project is incorporation with 3D Animation Studio, DeeteeCG. Agency: DeeteeCG Client: Wisdom Infinity

Sunway Medical Centre Explainer Video Cover Photo

Sunway Medical Centre Explainer Video Radiation Therapy

Sunway Medical Centre Explainer Video Radiation Therapy Sunway Medical Centre offers the Leksell Gamma Knife ICON, an advanced radiation technique that can be used to treat several cancerous and non-cancerous brain disorders, in this animation and product launch video. Client: Sunway Medical Centre

Setel Mobile Application Animation Cover Photo

Setel Mobile Application Animation

Setel Mobile Application Animation This Setel animation walks you through a seamless refuel and retail on-the-go experience as well as their exciting reward scheme, with 2d animation and motion graphics. Agency: Avanguardia Client: Setel

Riway Purtier Sixth Edition Product Video Cover Photo

Riway Purtier Sixth Edition

Riway Purtier Sixth Edition A product video with motion graphics and 3D animation introduces Purtier Placenta sixth edition, the latest well-crafted product of RIWAY international group. The video explains performance-proven ingredients in the product that are required for good health. It also explains the advanced technology used that provide the highest effective absorption by the …

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